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Title: Reni's Mom
Author: The Final Stillness of Saturn (moi)
Rating: PG
Genre: General/Romance
Pairing period: AU
Teaser or Summary:
"Stop being so confusing. You're giving me a headache," Darien grumbled, his eyes closing.
"Good. You deserve it for being such a hypocrite," Serena informed him.
"Sure, 's all my fault," he murmured.
"And who else's fault would it be?" she inquired.

"How many have you had, buddy?" the bartender questioned of the dark haired young man lying on his counter.
"Only a few," the very drunk man replied.
"Well, I think that you've had few enough for today," the bartender informed him.
"I think I know when I've--" the man started.
"I called a cab; it's outside waiting for you."
"Thanks," he said in a defeated tone. He stood and managed, somehow to get into the cab awaiting him.

Ten minutes later, Darien staggered up to Serena's door and knocked several times before leaning against it. When she pulled the door open, he promptly fell into her arms. "Ooof," she grunted as she tried to push him upright.
Reni appeared behind her and wrinkled her nose. "Darien, you smell." His eyes didn't quite focus on her. "Have you been drinking?"
"He's not the kind of guy who does this often," Serena commented, frowning slightly.
Reni stared at the man moment, looking annoyed. "And he was lecturing me," she grumbled.
"Was he?" Serena replied bemusedly. He showed concern for her daughter but not for himself.
"At least I'm old enough," he murmured over Serena's shoulder.
"Darien, would you mind if I put you down?" the blonde asked. She started to lower him to the floor but lost her grip. She winced when his head hit the floor with a thud.
Darien groaned loudly. "Thanks," he muttered, grabbing the back of his head.
"Please tell me you didn't drive here," Serena begged.
"No, the cab driver seemed to know you." Serena didn't know any cab drivers, so she filed the bit of information in the back of her mind. "Serena," Darien began, staring up at her, "I'm going to be sick."
"Bathroom. Help!" Serena called to Reni, and the two of them managed to drag Darien into the bathroom with minimal bodily injury. He sat up just in time to make it to the toilet. "I'm not getting used to this," Serena grumbled. "Go back to your room."
"But, I can help--"
"You're still grounded. Go," Serena commanded. "Are you going to be okay right here?" she asked as soon as Reni had gone. Darien threw up in response. Serena stood and walked toward the door.
"Wait," Darien said, lunging sideways and grabbing her ankle. She looked down at him in surprise. "Stay here." He pauses awkwardly. "It'll make me feel better." He then quickly moved back to the toilet.
Serena sighed and sat down next to him. "Darien, why did you do this?" she questioned softly.
He laughed strangely. "Ever heard of drowning your sorrows?" He lay back on the floor
Serena raised an eyebrow at him. "Yes, if by drowning your sorrows you mean getting drunk to forget something, remembering it anyway, and throwing up until it's no longer possible. I just haven't figured out why it's a good idea."
"Stop being so confusing. You're giving me a headache," Darien grumbled, his eyes closing.
"Good. You deserve it for being such a hypocrite," Serena informed him.
"Sure, 's all my fault," he murmured.
"And who else's fault would it be?" she inquired.
Serena was surprised. She opened her mouth to ask him what he meant, but she heard him emit a light snore. As she walked through her apartment to get Darien a blanket, Serena realized that by "drowning his sorrows," Darien meant forgetting about her.
Darien's eyes popped open when Serena covered him with the blanket. "Thanks."
"What do you think about Reni?" Serena asked, taking up her former seat.
"She's nice. Are you trying to give me a headache again?" Darien responded quickly.
"Not at all. What do you mean by "she's nice?" Serena questioned.
"Er... she's sweet, does well in school, and is a pretty good girl?" Darien said in a tone that suggested he didn't know what Serena was talking about.
"Why do you like her so much?" Serena questioned.
"I dunno. Why does Sam like her so much?" Darien put a hand over his eyes.
"Do you think she's pretty?"
The hand moved so he could stare at her. "Yes, I do. She got her looks from you, after all... except the hair." He lost his train of thought at the end.
"Why are you so protective of her?" Serena asked sincerely.
"She's like a little sister. Big brothers always protect their little sisters," he murmured, closing his eyes again. In a few minutes he was asleep, and Serena was left staring down at his sleeping form. She leaned down and kissed him gently on the forehead before turning out the bathroom light and going to crawl into her bed. In the bathroom, Darien smiled into the dark and fell asleep truly with his hand on his forehead.
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